Here is another update from Bro. Jon Zwingle on his daughters condition in Russia:

Today Kristina and mama are coming home. Not that Kristina is doing to much better, but because since it is New Years Eve, the doctors don't work and the staff that do stay on to "help out" drink on the job. So near almost the whole floor that Larysa is staying on, is getting empty because everyone is leaving to go home, rather stay and have no to very little help at all. It's taking a chance but this is what you get here. One father told us that he brought his daughter her exactly one year ago by ambulance and that the doctor was so drunk that you could smell the booze on him and then he prescribed the wrong medication. And so, this is well known here to happened, and thus, people just go home, as we will.
Last night Kristina had one slice of bread and half of a banana, then vomited it up two hours later. As I spoke with Larysa this morning, Kristina ate again, bread, banana and warn cereal w/water. So far so good she hasn't vomited yet. And we also bought some herbal type stuff for the stomach to help line it. The Antibiotics are reaching havoc on her stomach so hopefully this herbal stomach lining remedy will help.
I am borrowing a car to go get them and bring them home. If you would please continue to prayer for her. They are giving her some final meds again before she leaves and we hope and pray we will not have to return by ambulance. I would love to keep her home but if she stops eating and drinking, she will need the IV again. Pray for her stomach and ears please. She has lost a lot of weight and is very weak still.
I praise God for all of you that have prayed for us. I have been humbled by the great care of you all. We can feel alone here sometimes but knowing that there is an army of Gods people praying for us has done nothing but blessed and encouraged us. I having been praying for you as well, and asking the good Lord to have His hand upon you. Please know this!
I will postpone any more updates on her for now, unless something else needs to be mentioned. Lord willing she will be healed soon. I will send out a letter or two later on, depending on the situation. I have had a few people ask what our mailing address is. I will prove it below:
Jon Zwingel
Prospect Veteranov 87 Apt. 545
St. Petersburg 198260

Thank you again for your prayers and love. God bless you all!